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The Chubuddy Story

Chubuddy was started in 2011 after several years of struggles finding the right chew for our son.  He was chewing through or losing 2-3 chews per week and we were concerned that he was swallowing pieces of his chews.  We had literally tried everything on the market.  So we developed a chew that he couldn’t chew through and a lanyard that would keep his chew off the floor, clean and ready at any time that he would need it.


Today, Chubuddy makes chews for all types of chewers from Chew Factor 1 Light, Chew Factor 2 Medium and Chew Factor 3 Strong.  It is very important to match the right chew for the strength of the chewer.  The reason this is so important is because not all chews are designed to handle avid, aggressive chewing.


The Chew Factor Scale was created to classify both chews and chewers to help match the proper chews to the chewer.  We developed this simple guide to finding a person’s Chew Factor.  What is the Chew Factor of your chewer?

The reason that some chews are stronger (more durable) than others has to do with the materials that are used in the chew and the shape. 


Most Chew Factor 1 Light chews in the marketplace are made of silicone which is a wonderful to chew material that comes in real soft durometers (scale for how hard a material is).  If your chewer is a Light chewer, he/she can pick any chew regardless of Chew Factor.


Chew Factor 2 Medium chews in the marketplace can be made of silicone or TPE and usually have shapes that do not have protrusions or ledges that encourage focused biting on that particular region.  Medium chewers should stay away from Chew Factor 1 Light chews for best results or they will eventually chew through the chew.


Chew Factor 3 Strong chewers have the least chews to select from in the marketplace.  Chubuddy specializes in the Strong category (probably since our son is in this category).  Materials used for strong chews are TPEs (thermoplastic elastomers) and are typically a lot harder (higher durometer) with less feedback or chewing response than Chew Factor 1 and 2 chews.


Chubuddy’s Zilla line of products is the only Chew Factor 3 Strong product that is both soft (lower durometer) and strong (Chew Factor 3) and also carries the 90 day, no chew-through warranty.   Zillas are made from medical grade Thermo Plastic Zillastomers that are FDA certified.  Like all Chubuddy products they are BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, latex-free, phthalates-free and non-toxic.


Chews come in a variety of shapes, textures, hardnesses and Chew Factor strengths (durability).   Life on the ASD spectrum is often like solving a puzzle and choosing chews are no different.  It’s important to observe what your child’s preferences are. 


  • Do they chew the smooth or textured areas of the chew (or both)?
  • Where do they like to chew on the chewy- do they chew on the tip or do they want to engage the back molars?
  • Do they choose round, fuller shapes or prefer stick shapes?
  • What colors and shapes do they prefer?


Not all chews are made equal.  It is important to match your chewer with the appropriate chews that won’t get chewed apart and become a potential hazard.  In general, chews get harder as you move up the Light, Medium and Strong chew factor scale (the notable exception to this rule is the Zilla products).  If your child is a light chewer, he/she can select any chew they want.  If your child is a medium chewer, he/she should select Chew Factor 2 Medium and Chew Factor 3 Strong chews.  And if your child is a strong chewer, he/she should stick to Strong chews only. 


Chubuddy understands the need to chew.  It is our mission to help families like ours.  We stand behind our products and our motto is “No Chewer Left Behind.”

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