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Coming Soon- Zilla the strong, fun to chew, chewy

chubuddy is very proud and excited about the coming release of our brand new family of easy to chew, but very strong products- Zilla tm.   Zilla is a game-changing product that is made from an FDA approved TPE formulation that combines responsive chewability with incredible durability. It is a Chew Factor 3.0 product that is easy to chew, yet extremely durable.  As durable as chubuddy’s legendary strong tubes, Zilla also carries our 90 day, No-Chew-Thru Warranty*.
   *Does not cover intentional abuse, marks, dents or deformation under normal use

 chubuddy developed the Zilla line because of numerous requests from customers to build a chewy that is as durable as the Strong Tubes but that is easy to chew.  After many months of product research, development and collaboration with an OT product testing team, Zilla was born.  The product also has multiple chewing surface textures which provide varied sensory input for chewers.

“We listened and engaged a whole team of OTs who are focused on clients with oral sensory needs.  This team, led by Irene Ingram OT-RL assisted us greatly in the development and refinement of all the Zilla products.”  said Chris Chu Head of Product Development at chubuddy.

Zilla will have a pencil/pen topper, a zipper pull, a hoodie cord pull, a junior tube, and a regular tube product offering.  Zilla will come in Blue Sky and Red Crimson colors.

There are 7 Zillas:

  1. Tube Zilla-  like strong tubes but soft to chew, with navy embroidered gold tether $14.99 MSRP
  2. Neck Tube Zilla- Tube Zilla on a neck lanyard… $13.99 MSRP
  3. Tube Zilla Jr- a shorter version of Tube Zilla also with navy embroidered gold tether $11.99 MSRP
  4. Neck Tube Zilla JR- Tube Zilla Jr on a neck lanyard… $10.99 MSRP
  5. Cord Zilla- cord pull keepers for hoodies, in 2 pack with paracord and install tool, $15.99 MSRP
  6. Zipper Zilla- a zipper pull that you can chew on, with closed end and key ring… $6.99 MSRP
  7. Topper Zilla- a pen or pencil topper, with pen or pencil.. $6.99 with pencil;  $7.99 with pen  MSRP

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