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Pendant chews

ChuBuddy pendant chews come in many colors! The different pendant strengths are light (ChewFactor 1) and medium (ChewFactor2). They are all attached to a black silk cord with a breakaway clasp. 

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What happens if my child chews through a Pendant Chew?

If your Pendant Chew does not last at least a month, you may have a strong chewer in the family. Try a ChewFactor 3 (Strong) product. A 60-day No-Chew-Thru warranty backs Strong Tubes and Tube Zillas. 

Are Pendant Chews available in different colors?

Yes, pendants come in many colors! Different colors include: aqua, fuchsia, lime green, forest, sky blue, bubble gum pink, red hot, black, and lilac.

What are the pendants made out of?

Pendant Chews are made from food grade silicone in our certified, CPSIA compliant factory.

How do I clean my Pendant Chews?

Wash your pendants with warm, soapy water. 

Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Does the cord have a breakaway clasp?

Yes, the cord on all pendants features a breakaway clasp for safety.

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