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ChewFactor 1- Light Chewers

ChewFactor 1 (CF1) chewers are light chewers and seldom if ever damage things they chew on.  A CF1 chewer may bite on pencils, fingernails and other items.  They may also come back home with a sleeve of a shirt moist from chewing on them but will not bite holes in them.  Their chews last a real long time and seldom get damaged.

If your child's pencil (after a few days at school) looks something like this below- 

there's a good chance your chewer is a CF1 Light chewer and may select any chew from the Chubuddy product line.  

A ChewFactor 1 Light chewer will not damage any chew so this group has the widest selection of chew solutions.

NOTE:  Every child is different and need varying levels of adult supervision when using a chewing device.  We recommend adult supervision at all times.  This is intended only as a guide to the proper selection of a chew for your child.  When in doubt please consult a professional Occupational or Speech Therapist familiar with your child.


What's my Chew Factor?

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spiralz fidget bracelets & Necklaces

Spiralz bracelets and necklaces are super fun to stretch, chew and fidget.  Spiralz come in red, blue, black and clear and are a perfect companion  for the kid that needs to fidget and occasionally chew.   If your child has autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety or just needs a handy, discrete fidget- Spiralz may be the solution you are looking for to maintain calm and satisfy their need to fidget.

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