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does my child need a chew?

Does the chewer...

Chew on their fingernails?
Frequently or excessively lick random objects?
Bite people? 

Chew the inside of their cheeks?
Chew on their toys or fidgets?
Chew on their shirts and clothing?
Chew on their pens and pencils?
Chew on their hair or skin?
Chew on inappropriate items?

If your chewer exhibits any of the behaviors listed above, a chew may greatly help them. However, not all chews are created equal, and finding the right strength and style of chew for each chewer is essential. ChuBuddy makes it easier to choose with three distinct chew factors and a variety of styles.  

Find your ChewFactor


ChewFactor 1 - Light

Occasionally chews on pens/pencils

Occasionally chews shirt sleeves

May suck on fingers


ChewFactor 2 - Medium

Often chews pens/pencils

Often chews shirt sleeves

May chew on fingers & nails


ChewFactor 3 - Strong

Destroys pens/pencils

Chews shirt sleeves & collar

May chew hands, fingers, & nails

May chew inappropriate items

What chews can they use?

ChewFactor 1 Light chewers can use any chew in the Chubuddy product line.  CF1 chewers are light chewers and usually don't damage the things they chew on.  They still need a chew to calm and self-regulate.  CF1 chewers are fortunate to have the widest chew selection of all chewers.  

ChewFactor 2 Medium chewers are moderate chewers who occasionally may bite through a light chew.  CF2 chewers need a chew to help them calm and self-regulate.  CF2 chewers typically don't bite through medium chews which are typically thicker, fuller bellied chews with no extraneous appendages.

ChewFactor 3 Strong chewers are avid, aggressive chewers that often bite through most chews within a short time.  They have a very strong need to chew and seek all sorts of things to chew on.  Offering Strong chewers a better alternative to poorer chewing choices is very important.


The Variety Chew Set includes four different Chew Factor 3 products: Tube Zilla Jr. on Neck Lanyard, Red Smooth Tube Zilla Clip-on, 3/8" Black Slim Strong Tube on Neck Lanyard, and 1/2" Yellow Regular Strong Tube Clip-on. This set gives chewers a variety of texture and color options. They can be clipped onto a shirt, backpack or worn around the neck. This set is a perfect introduction to ChuBuddy's strong chews and can be used to discover your chewer's sensory preferences. All four tubes are made in the USA!  A 60-day No-Chew-Thru Warranty backs all four tubes. 

Tube Zilla Junior on Neck Lanyard is the soft chew for the strong chewer- enjoy a soft chew that lasts a long time!  Zilla means that these chews are super strong, yet they are 70A durometer- which is soft. Zilla tubes are made from non-toxic, medical-grade plastic materials and are molded in Minnesota.  The Zilla Jr. tubes are 3 1/4” long and ½” in diameter.  

Tube Zilla on clip-on chew holder is the soft chew for the strong chewer- enjoy a soft chew that lasts a long time!  Zilla means that these chews are super strong, yet they are 70A durometer, which is soft. Zilla tubes are made in the USA from non-toxic, medical-grade materials and molded in Minnesota. Smooth Zilla regular tubes are 4” long and tapered at ½” in diameter at the top and ¼" at the bottom.  

Strong Tubes are the dependable chew that started ChuBuddy.  They are smooth, tough, and hold up to heavy chewing. Slim Strong Tubes are sized right for younger mouths and create less saliva in use. 

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