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does my child need a chew?

Does your child chew
on their fingernails?

Does your child
frequently or
excessively lick
random objects?

Does your child bite

Does your child chew
the inside of their

Does your child chew
on their toys?

Does your child chew
on their shirts and

Does your child chew
on their pens and

Does your child
chew on their hair
or skin?

What's my chewfactor?

So, if your child exhibits any of the behaviors listed above there is a good chance that a chew will help them out a lot.  But now you need to know that not all chews are created equally and it is important to find the right chew for your child.  

ChewFactor is the durability rating of the chew and/or the chewing strength of a chewer.  It is very important to match the chewer to the appropriate strength/durability for him/her.  For instance, if a strong chewer chews a light chew, the chew may be bitten into pieces which can be hazardous for the chewer.  That is why Chubuddy developed the ChewFactors.  ChewFactor 1 (CF1) Light is for light chewers who do not damage their chews.  ChewFactor 2 (CF2) Medium is for Moderate chewers who like to chew and occasionally will bite through a CF1 chew.  ChewFactor 3 Strong is for avid, strong chewers who can bite through the average chews that are out in the marketplace.

Find your chewfactor on the chart below

ChewFactor 1 Light Chewers can use any chew in the Chubuddy product line.  CF1 chewers are light chewers and usually don't damage the things they chew on.  They still need a chew to calm and self-regulate.  CF1 chewers are fortunate to have the widest chew selection of all chewers.  

ChewFactor 2 Medium Chewers are moderate chewers who occasionally may bite through a light chew.  CF2 chewers need a chew to help them calm and self-regulate.  CF2 chewers typically don't bite through medium chews which are typically thicker, fuller bellied chews with no extraneous appendages.

ChewFactor 3 Strong Chewers are avid, aggressive chewers that often bite through most chews within a short time.  They have a very strong need to chew and seek all sorts of things to chew on.  Offering Strong Chewers a better alternative to poorer chewing choices is very important.

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