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chew holders

Chew Holders hold your favorite chews. They come in clip-on, neck lanyard, and waist clip-on options. Clip them to a bag or article of clothing. The Neck Lanyard Chew Holders feature a breakaway clasp. Each Chew Holder includes a Universal Chew Strap that allows you to attach your chew to the ring on the lanyard. 

why use a chew holder?

They prevent lost chews.

Countless chews have ended up under sofas, out car windows, taken by other children, etc. Chew holders ensure that the chew stays with your child.

They encourage appropriate chewing.

Chew holders make it easy to keep an appropriate item to chew on within arm's reach. 

They keep chews clean.

Chew holders keep your chews off of the floor, keeping them clean and hygienic.

They keep chews available. 

Chew holders keep your chews with you all day long. Keep them close and available to use at a moment's notice. 

Three ways to hold your favorite chews

Clip on shoulder

neck lanyard

springy waist

If your child does not tolerate wearing a necklace and needs ready access to a chew at a moment's notice, a clip-on shoulder Chew Holder may be a good choice. Clip the lanyard onto a shirt collar or shoulder and position it for easy reach. The lanyard is 8" long, preventing it from being a strangulation hazard. 

If your chewer is okay with wearing a necklace, the neck lanyard option may be the right choice. Wear it over or under the shirt. Neck Lanyard Chew Holders feature a breakaway clasp.

If your child does not like to wear a necklace and the clip-on shoulder option is not appealing, the Springz Chew Holder allows the chew to clip onto a belt loop, pant waist, or a backpack for easy access. Store it in your pants pocket and take it out when needed.

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How do I choose a Chew Holder?

Choose your Chew Holder based on your chewers sensory preferences. Select a clip-on option if your chewer does not tolerate a neck lanyard.

Are they a strangulation hazard?

The Clip-on Chew Holder is 8" long, preventing it from becoming a strangulation hazard. The Neck Lanyard Chew Holder is 16" long and features a breakaway clasp. 

How do I clean my Chew Holder?

We recommend washing your Chew Holders and Universal Chew Straps with warm, soapy water. They are top-rack dishwasher safe, but the dishwasher may cause discoloration. 

How do I use the Universal Chew Strap?

This Universal Chew Strap holds your favorite chews. Used with our ChuBuddy tether and strap, these universal strap holders work for chews with a tube and those that have loops in them. See the picture at the top of the page for an example.

Are Chew Holders non-toxic?

Yes, all ChuBuddy lanyards comply with CPSIA guidelines for lead and phthalates. The inks used are non-toxic, too.

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