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Vibrazilla Vibrating Oral Tool 

VibraZillas feature an easy-to-grip chunky handle, 6 therapeutic speeds, and a 3-1/2” duo-texture chewy tip that is both soft AND extra tough.  Vibra Zilla is an amazing sensory tool for self-regulating oral input, oral desensitization, and for addressing other oral motor facial challenges for oral sensory seekers or those who have oral defensiveness (hypersensitivity to food textures, have difficult tolerating tooth brushing, or other oral input challenges.  Comes with an “AA” battery and 3 silicone ID tags.

The VibraZilla has 6 therapeutic modes:


Mode 1 is HIghBuzz- a constant vibration

Mode 2 is LowBuzz- also a constant vibration, but at a lower intensity

Mode 3 is LowInterval Massage a vibration that switches back and forth between a higher intensity and a lower intensity

Mode 4 is GentleMassage- gently flows from low to high intensity

Mode 5 is HighInterval Massage- very similar to mode 3 just at a faster speed and higher intensity on the two intervals

Mode 6 is BusySignal- a very fast pulse

 suzannahstar👏🎉Progress Report🎉👏Kian is extremely orally defensive and brushing his teeth has always been a struggle. But this evening, not only did he not struggle when I brushed his teeth, he wanted to try brushing them himself! He was so pleased with himself that he wanted me to call his brothers and sister into the bathroom to see and then we video called his step dad.A couple of months ago I bought a Vibrazilla from @chubuddyllc which is a vibrating chewie that helps to desensitize the mouth.We took very small steps with the vibrazilla. Firstly using it without batteries, introducing batteries and letting Kian choose the setting he liked best, letting Kian listen to the vibration and feel it on his cheek and then finally he put it in his mouth unprompted.Kian then started asking for his chewie throughout the day and this evening was the first time ever that there was no battle at tooth brushing time!! 🎉🎉 #sensoryprocessingdisorder #theautismmammys #autismhero #chubuddy

From Suzannah, England
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