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Family Games With ASD Children

The Holidays are such a heartwarming and exciting time of year. As you are likely well aware, however, they can also bring about a challenging and overwhelming season for your children with ASD. With more and more toys and games being created with loud noise makers and bright flashing lights, even a task as small as filling a stocking may take a bit of searching on your end. Below, we will look into a few of the best, in our opinion, stocking stuffers for ASD children. 

Social-Emotional Games

Family game night is a fun tradition to continue. With games that support your child’s social-emotional growth, you can bond in an especially beneficial fashion. Younger children may enjoy simple flash cards with real faces showing emotion, as they work toward matching the expressions of others with everyday feelings. Older children may have more fun with board games or card games with more of a purpose or challenge. Even classic games can be a great tool, as they require a great deal of social skills!

Here are a few examples of fun, beneficial games:

Large Feeling Cards: These cards have beautiful images of real people experiencing real feelings. As an added bonus, they have magnetic backs. Imagine the refrigerator fun these cards could bring to your home!

Story Cues: This is a set of high-quality, cardboard cards with social images that promote creative explanation. This set even grows with your child, as it can be used as a sequencing game as they advance in their skills.

Classic Card Games: This set of classic card games is perfect for family fun, as well as social skill building. The packs are the perfect size to stuff in a stocking as well.

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are well known and loved by all children today, and you are likely aware of the benefits they provide for children with ASD, from reducing their levels of stress and anxiety to enhancing the ability to focus and self-regulate. The best fidget toys for your child will depend on their individual preferences and sensory needs.

 To get you started on your search, we will look into some of the most popular options below:

 Tangle Fidget Toy: This classic fidget toy twists and turns in all directions. It’s ability to move continuously has a calming effect on those who use it.

 Fidget Cube: The fidget cube is a popular option, as it has so many interactive features. This cube allows its user to flip, spin, glide, click, roll, and breathe.

 Squish and Squeeze Ball: This ball provides great sensory relief for many children, with its sticky, soft texture that can be squeezed, squashed, pressed, and pulled. To really make it a great product, this ball is made from non-toxic material and built to last.

ChuBuddy Chews

If your child is an oral sensory seeker, you’re likely familiar with chews and how beneficial they can be. As a stocking stuffer this year, you may want to consider gifting your child a chew they’ll never chew through, or a holder to make sure they can keep their chew close by at all times. At ChuBuddy, we have a chew for every chewer, and we understand the challenges that can come with raising an oral sensory seeking child.

 The products below make both beneficial and exciting stocking stuffers for your ASD child:

 Chew Bracelets and Necklaces: These pieces are a fun gift for children, and have all of the benefits of a chew at the same time.

 Chew Holders: We offer three types of holders; Neck Lanyards, Clip On Holders, and Springy Waist Holders. Choose the product that fits your child’s preferences and needs the best, and they will always be able to have their chew nearby.

 Zilla Chews: If your child chews through their chews, the Zilla is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s extremely strong, and even comes with a 60-day, No-Chew-Thru warranty.

 With the above suggestions and a few small treats or toys that you know your child loves and enjoys, you will be able to create a stocking that is both exciting and beneficial for your child. May your Holiday season be both Merry and Bright!

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