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The VibraZilla Oral Sensory Tool

VibraZilla in use with child and therapist

Introducing the VibraZilla 

The VibraZilla is ChuBuddy’s newest product, created for both oral desensitization and for those who seek oral input. It can help support individuals who have food sensitivities, who experience the need to chew on objects often, and even those who face challenges with attention. 

We’ll explain the VibraZIlla and how to use it below, so you can decide if it’s a product that would be of help to you. 

 How to Use the VibraZilla 

When you receive your VibraZilla, you’ll be happy to see that the setup process is extremely simple.Step 1: Slip the included AA battery into the base of the VibraZillaStep 2: Cover the battery area with its cap, and lock it with a coinStep 3: Attach the Zilla chew tip to the top of the device and press the power button to turn it on 

When you’re ready to try your VibraZilla, gently apply the tip to any of the following areas to provide sensory input: 

     ● Inner cheeks, lips, and tongue 

     ● The inner and outer sides of the gum line 

     ● Teeth 

     ● Outside of the mouth, along the cheeks, chin, lower lip, and upper lip 

For those who are sensitive to oral input, begin with gentle pressure and short amounts of time. Slow increases in time increments will allow the body to get used to sensations in the treated areas. 

For those who seek oral input, the VibraZilla can be used for up to 15 minutes at a time, several times per day. These sessions with the device will provide the input the individual is needing. 

For additional, fun activities with the VibraZilla, consider using the base against different parts of the body, such as the arms, back, or top of the head. Try drawing shapes or letters on the individual’s back and having them guess what it is without looking. You may even want to tape a pencil to the tip of the device where the Zilla attachment normally goes, to practice writing while the sensory input continues.

VibraZilla Features 

The VibraZilla has six different vibration modes to choose from: 

     ● Mode One, High Buzz, provides constant vibration. 

     ● Mode Two, Low Buzz, is another constant vibration, but with lower intensity. 

     ● Mode Three, Low Interval Massage, provides intervals of both low and high  

        intensity vibrations. 

     ● Mode Four, Gentle Massage, moves gently from a low buzz to a high buzz. 

     ● Mode Five, High Interval Massage, moves quickly between the two levels of

        vibration (low and high). 

     ● Mode Six, Busy Signal, provides a very fast pulse. 

These modes allow each oral-seeking individual to choose the sensation they prefer. When you’re helping someone use the VibraZilla, you can ask them to choose the setting they like best. 

Occupational Therapy and the VibraZilla 

To get the most out of the VibraZilla, you may want to follow a specific, individualized usage plan. If you’re already working with an Occupational or Speech Therapist, they can provide you with ideas and specific uses for the VibraZilla that support the individual’s oral needs and therapy goals.  

If you do not have an Occupational Therapist at this time, leave a comment to speak with Jenny below.Jenny is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with over ten years of experience in both clinical and school settings. She enjoys using the VibraZilla with her clients, and she’d be happy to help support you as you begin to utilize the product as well. 

 Just send your inquiry to 

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