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Zilla: The First Soft Chewy for the Strong Chewer

Chewing is a common behavior for many children on the autism spectrum or with sensory disorders. Chewing is a way to relieve stress or anxiety for children or adults who could be feeling over-stimulated. For people on the autism spectrum, chewing can be destructive to clothing or other objects. It’s important to allow the person to participate in chewing behavior because it provides a calming effect. Chewy items can bring a sense of peace to those who need to chew but finding the right chewy can be difficult. As jaw strength grows, someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can go through a lot of chewies. There’s definitely a science behind finding the right chewy—from durability to texture and feel—it’s important to get it right. At Chubuddy, we understand and we think we’ve found the right solution.

Zillas are the first of their kind and we’re proud to offer them. Sometimes, Strong Chewers can become agitated by the hard texture of strong chewies. Zillas are perfect because they are soft enough to be comfortable but strong enough to withstand a Strong Chewer. Zilla tubes are made in the USA from an FDA certified TPZ (ThermoPlastic Zillastomer) plastic and they are molded in Minnesota.  Zilla regular tubes are 4” long and ½” in diameter.  The Zilla Jr tubes are 3 1/4” long and ½” in diameter this means that Zillas are great for chewers of any age. Zillas are made in the USA and that fact is important to us and it should be important to you as well. It means that you can feel secure in knowing that all Zilla products are made from FDA certified plastics right here in Minnesota, USA. Essentially, we’ve created a safe and comfortable product for even the strongest chewers because we know that when your child is comforted by chewing behavior, you, as the parent, are comforted too.


Our son is the reason we started building chewies and holders over 10 years ago.  We make chewies for every kind of chewer.  We believe that chewing is a natural way to calm and satisfy and that everyone should be given a better choice.  It is our sincere hope that our products will make life for your child and your family better, as it has for ours. We’re passionate about our products and we saw a need for soft yet strong chewies. At Chubuddy, we know how important and soothing chewing behavior is and we’re dedicated designing and producing the best products for all chewers. The Zilla is our newest and strongest chewy ever and we’re proud to be on the cutting-edge of chew accessories.

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