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3 Chubuddy Items Perfect for Test Time Chewers

Summer vacation is right around the corner, but students have to get through their final tests first. These tests can be extra challenging for students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)  and other special needs. Even when given additional time, tests can be stressful. For students who seek sensory stimulation to help remain relaxed, having something to chew on during the test can help to provide focus and calm. Here are three ChuBuddy items that are perfect for test time chewers.


When selecting a chew to be used during test times, there are several things caregivers and special need educators of autistic kids should keep in mind. An item that is small and inconspicuous is easy to bring to the testing site, and it won’t cause an additional distraction during the test. Chubuddy has several items that can be worn around the neck, so they’re easy to bring anywhere. Chubuddy Buds are a great example of a chewable that is small, effective and can easily be worn without being a distraction. Buds have a simple, teardrop design with a colorful aesthetic. A student can wear this around their neck, and people may not even realize that it’s there for chewing. Buds come in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for the medium chewer in your family.

Pencil and Pen Topper Zillas

Many people, not just those with special needs, chew on their writing utensils when they get stressed. It’s convenient because the item is nearby, but chewing on pens and pencils can be dangerous. Things that weren’t designed to withstand chewing are likely to break or splinter. Breaking a pencil in your mouth can lead to delays in the test, distractions, and potential injuries (or one of the funniest scenes from 90’s comedy classic, Ernest Goes to Jail). Chubuddy has pencil toppers that cover the upper half of a pen or pencil. When using these items, test takers can safely gnaw on their writing utensils between questions without worry. Topper Zillas are perfect for students of any age. There even resilient enough for strong chewers.

Hood Zilla

Depending on the location, some testing rooms can be a little chilly. You can prepare your autistic student for the cold and give them something to chew on at the same time. Chubuddy recently introduced Hood Zilla, a stylish hoodie that contains to Zilla Tubes as the handles for the drawstring. It has the benefit of always being with the student, like a necklace or lanyard. However, since it’s built into the clothing, it’s less noticeable to other people. The Zilla chews are made from medical grade materials. This material makes Zilla chews soft to chew, yet strong enough to carry Chubuddy’s 60-day, No-Chew-Thru warranty.

Giving special needs students something to chew on during stressful situations, like tests, can help them stay focused and perform better on their exams. If you’re looking for high-quality chewable items for every occasion, check out the selection at Chubuddy. We have a wide assortment of autism sensory products that can safely satiate a sensory stimulation seeker.

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