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How to Keep a Chew With Your Child at All Times

Chews can be extremely useful for soothing and calming special needs children. Most caregivers are aware of this, but it can be a challenge to keep a chew with your child at all times. There are many products that can make it easier to keep sensory stimulation nearby. Here are some of the options chubuddy has for keeping a chew nearby for whenever a child needs it.

A time-honored solution for keeping things nearby is to put the object around your neck. This tactic is used for keycards, lockets, rings, and coaches whistles. To help special needs caregivers, chubuddy has sturdy lanyards that can hold a child’s chew. The neck lanyards at chubuddy have a key ring with a universal natural strap that will carry most of the favorite chews available.  The system is easy to use, and the lanyard has a breakaway clasp that allows the necklace to breakaway if needed. You can order them from the shop with the colored chew of your choice, or you can get the universal lanyard that can work with almost any chew you already have.

Besides wearing it around your neck, another common way to keep something you need close by is to clip in it on your clothing. These holders can be worn off the shoulder, shirt collar, pants pocket or belt loop.  You can order the Springz Chew Holder to clip a chew on your child’s clothing using a springz cord that is 4″ long when relaxed but can also extend to 18″. These holders are very durable, high-quality products that are BPA-Free, Phthalates-Free, Latex-Free, Lead-Free, PVC free and Non-Toxic. These holders work in all situations. They keep chews clean, sanitary and available when needed by children and caregivers.

With a long and stretchy cord, it’s possible to get the chew from where it’s clipped to the mouth. And the coiled cord ensures that once the child finishes with the chew, it won’t be left around somewhere or allowed to fall on the ground. One thing to keep in mind is that the long cord can be a safety hazard for children. It’s recommended that the Springz holders not be given to children under 8 years old.

If you want to keep a chew nearby but keep it low key, consider the newest option from chubuddy, the Hood Zilla hoodie. The design takes advantage of something on clothing many people chew on and replacing it with a long-last Zilla chew from chubuddy. The hoodie has Zilla tubes for the pull handles. This placement means children won’t risk choking on the small plastic ends added to ordinary hoodies, and the Zila tubes will last far longer than a regular hoodie pull cord.

Another benefit of putting these chews on a hoodie is that it’s an article of clothing that can be worn more frequently than any other piece of clothing. Most people use hoodies like coats and wear them over another outfit, so it’s not unusual to see someone wear the same hoodie all of the time (though be sure to wash it as needed). Classrooms tend to be cold, so there’s a use for the Hood Zilla hoodie, even when the weather starts to warm up.

No matter what kind of chew or accessory you’re looking for, chubuddy has something that can fit your needs. We have chews that are designed for different chewing styles, plus a wide selection that’s bound to include something that your child would like. If you have any other questions about chews for special needs children, send us a message online.

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