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Chews Can Soothe Children With Anxiety

Anxiety may seem like a challenge that is faced mainly by adults, but it’s unfortunately all too common among children as well. 7.1% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 (or 4.4 million kids) have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Many more children are facing this difficulty undiagnosed. Luckily, there are a variety of tools available today that provide significant support to children with anxiety, one of which is “chews.” Below, we’ll look into childhood anxiety symptoms, and how embracing a child’s need to chew can lessen those symptoms significantly.

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Suffering From Anxiety?

Anxiety can present itself in a variety of ways. Since your child may or may not be able to express the feeling of anxiousness to you through words, you’ll want to watch for some of the following childhood anxiety symptoms:

  • Displaying nervousness or agitation often
  • Trouble focusing
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive tantrums or crying
  • Recurrent headaches or stomach aches without clear reason
  • Trouble with transitions
  • Setting higher than necessary expectations for themselves
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Difficult emotions about school or homework
  • Chewing on fingernails or other objects

Of course, many of these symptoms are simply a part of growing up, and are exhibited as children are experiencing new emotions and circumstances. However, if your child seems to have multiple symptoms from the list above that greatly impact their daily life, you may want to talk to their pediatrician about anxiety, as well as try some calming techniques to help them with their symptoms.

How Can A Chew Support My Child Through Their Symptoms?

Giving your child something appropriate to chew on may seem like a small act, but it truly can make a world of a difference in lessening their anxiety symptoms. You may have heard of the study that scientifically proved chewing gum alleviates stress and anxious feelings. This remedy can actually be transferred to chewing on anything. The act of using the jaw to chew has been scientifically proven to lift negative moods and reduce a stress hormone called cortisol in people of all ages.

For children, gum isn’t always appropriate, whether that is due to age or environment. A chew, however, is the perfect way to allow your child (of any age and in any space) to embrace chewing and lessen their anxiety symptoms at the same time.

How Can I Choose The Right Chew For My Child?

There are a variety of chews available on today’s market, so it may feel overwhelming to choose which one you want to purchase for your child. You can make the selection process easier by selecting a product from ChuBuddy.

At ChuBuddy, we have a chew for every kind of chewer. Our products are labeled with information that will help you choose whether it is right for your child. You can choose from light, medium, or strong chews, depending on your child’s needs. You can choose necklaces, bracelets, and chews in various colors and designs to fit their preferences as well. Below are a few examples of chews that are often used for children with anxiety:

ChuBuddy Chew Pendants

One product that is beneficial to children with anxiety is the chew pendant. These pendants hang from a breakaway necklace, so they can be with your child at all times. Whenever they begin to feel anxious, their chew will be available and accessible. The fun shapes, colors, and textures allow chew pendants to be something kids are proud to wear.

ChuBuddy Clip on Holders and  Chews

If your child would do better with a chew that stays nearby, but that is not a necklace, you may want to purchase a chew holder with the chew that they like best. Non-necklace chew holders are available in the forms of clip-on shoulder/collar and springy waist clips.

If your child often chews on their nails or clothing or exhibits other signs of childhood anxiety, chews are an excellent, research-backed tool that can help to lessen their symptoms. Be sure to choose a chew that your child prefers, and a holder they’ll be comfortable wearing to keep it near them at all times. ChuBuddy provides chew holders that lets your child select their preferred place to keep their favorite chew- whether that be worn like a necklace, clipped on their shoulder, clipped on their waist or even clipped on their backpack.  See all the options for ChuBuddy chew holders here.  By giving your child with anxiety a chew, you can empower them to live happier, less anxious lives.

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