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Choosing the Right Item for Child’s Chewing Style

Giving a special needs child something to chew on, if they have the tendency, can help the child in a variety of ways. Chewing can have a calming effect, and many special needs children use chewing to satisfy their requirement for oral sensory satisfaction. However, not all chews are created equal. Even among high-quality chews for special needs children, parents and caregivers need to select the item that suits their children. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right piece for your child’s chewing style.

Light Chewers

Light chewers are the easiest chewers to shop for because they have the broadest range of products and they last the longest. Light chewers, who usually are between 2 and 7 years old, don’t chew through tubes, pendants, and other chews. These items can last for more than six months since they endure less wear and tear. Though light chewers tend to prefer softer chews, it’s a matter of preference and a harder chew can be used if that’s what the child likes. B

Because there are fewer concerns about the material, chews for light chewers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can choose the form that your child will like the most, including ones that have arms or ridges. Take a look at the chubuddy selection for light chewers to find something right for your child.

Medium Chewers

Medium chewers are generally in the 7 to 12 years old range, and they are tougher on their chews than the previous group. A medium chewer will eventually chew through an item, but it will take them months to do so. Most things for medium chewers will last up to six months. Based on what we’ve seen at chubuddy, medium chewers are more likely to select chews that are large and firmer than the chews light chewers prefer.

Because medium chewers will bite through chews, caregivers should choose a shape that doesn’t have appendages or arms, since these areas are easier to chew off.  Similarly, parents of medium chewers should recommend forms with large, round midsections as these sections will be more durable when bitten. Another thing to consider is the size of the item. Medium chewers should pick chews that are relatively larger than other chewies. The extra bulk extends the overall useful life of the chew. Take a look at the selection for medium chewers at chubuddy for an idea of what to look for in a good chew.

Strong Chewers

When a child starts going through medium chews to quickly, it’s time for something special. There are items, such as the Big Strong Tubes from chubuddy, that are bigger, tougher and longer lasting than any of the chews made for light and medium chews. The Big Strong Tubes are made from NSF 61, which is a compliant, food-grade material that is BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, pththalates-free, and non-toxic.  The Strong Chew products are designed to last and can be made like a hard or soft chew to meet the needs of the use. Because strong chewers will break through anything with enough effort, it’s vital that parents choose a chew that long. It gives the chew a slightly longer life span and provides the caregiver with time to see any wearing before the chew needs to be replaced. The strong chews from chubuddy come in red or green, and buyers get to choose a clip on lanyard or neck lanyard.

Be sure to check out the chubuddy shop regularly whenever you’re looking for chew items for special needs individuals. We have new things coming in regularly, such as the Hood Zilla hoodie we recently added. If you have any questions about our products, send us a message online.

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