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Help! My Kids Chews Through All His Shirts

It’s a common site at autism care facilities, in special needs classrooms, and at an autistic child’s home. The t-shirt soaked from neck to waist with saliva from being chewed all day. Or the pencil chewed in half. Or the sweatshirt with soaked cuffs. Or bleeding fingers, hands, or even friends. Kids with oral sensory needs will chew whatever is around their mouths. Chewies offer respite for these kids and their parents, teachers, and therapists. But with so many options on the market, what products can therapists and parents trust?

  1. Chew Factor

Some kids chew on everything and will chew through toddler teethers and cute, molded pendants in no time. That’s why chubuddy offers chewies at different strengths. You can read about these different products on our Light, Medium, and Strong chewers pages (link to pages)

  1. Losing the Chewy

Some kids love and can keep track of pendants. Some kids swing necklaces around like a fidget, endangering others on the playground. And some kids don’t hold onto or carry objects. Different tethers and lanyards are available to help these kids (and the adults in their lives!) keep track of the chewies that keep their clothes and teachers intact.

  1. Chemical Concerns

When a kid spends the day with something in their mouths, that something needs to be as safe as it is effective.  All chubuddy chewies are non-toxic, Pththalate-free, BPA-free, Lead free and Latex free. We developed chubuddy products for our own son and care about all our clients’ health and safety.

  1. Cleaning

How do you clean a chubuddy? Plain old soap and water keeps your chewies clean and healthy throughout the day. Some of our tubes are even dishwasher safe for extra sanitation.

chubuddy, LLC was started because we couldn’t find chewies strong enough for our son’s chewing needs.  We know firsthand the frustration that comes when your child chews and we know the relief and calm that comes when they can satisfy their oral sensory needs without destruction. Even if you’ve been disappointed by other products in the past, we would encourage you to try ours. If you’re not sure which would be the best product for your situation, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help.

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