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BIG Strong Tube 3 Pack 9/16
BIG Strong Tube 3 Pack 9/16BIG Strong Tube 3 Pack 9/16BIG Strong Tube 3 Pack 9/16BIG Strong Tube 3 Pack 9/16

9/16" BIG Strong tube with clip-on or neck lanyard - 3 Pack with red, green, and blue Strong Tubes. 

A significant savings set for the aggressive chewer! Sold separately, this would be $44.97 ($14.99 each). They now have an upgraded embroidered tether for extra durability. 

Strong Tubes are the dependable Chew that started ChuBuddy.  The 95A Durometer Hardness keeps chewing velocity down.  Our 60-Day, No-Chew-Thru Warranty backs Strong Tubes.  The Big Strong tube is the most durable product Chubuddy sells! Give them a try if your chewer is chewing through the regular-size strong tubes. 

Strong Tubes are Made In The USA of food and beverage grade tubing.  Strong Tubes are always ready and available for use whenever the need arises.  This helps keep things cool and calm, creating a better, more productive environment for the task at hand.  It is a great relief knowing that your Strong Tube is always ready. 

Individually packaged for your convenience. 

Strong Tubes come in 6 colors- black, red, green, blue, yellow and clear.


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