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BLUE Lovers Chew Fidget Set - Chew Factors 1 & 2
BLUE Lovers Chew Fidget Set - Chew Factors 1 & 2

This is a great set for all of the blue lovers out there! This also makes a great gift if you don't know which products to choose. For light and moderate chewers, give your chewer several options! Bundled together with a price discount. 

The Springz chewy bracelet by ChuBuddy is a great fidget and chewy that is very fashionable and discreet. They actually hold their shape and spring back into place, unlike other competitors on the market. 

The Starfish chew shape is a fun and fashionable shape that blends in.  It comes with a breakaway clasp necklace.

The ChuBuddy Robotz chewy pendant is a fun and discreet shape that blends in.  These light to medium chews come in 4 colors and with a breakaway clasp necklace.

Buds are a nice, full body shape for medium chewers.  It features a breakaway clasp for safety.  It is a great, discreet shape for both boys and girls.  Always there when needed but can be easily tucked into the shirt to keep it hidden from view. 

B-Buddy chews feature a unique, super functional, B-shaped design, making it one of the most versatile handheld chews available. Chewers can use one or two hands to hold onto the loops while they chew on the stem for oral sensory stimulation; hold the stem and chew on the loops, or hold one loop while an adult holds the other to help guide and encourage motor control and endurance. The bumpy B-Buddy has 2 differently sized bumpy sensory nubs and also features smooth chewing surfaces. It’s ideal for oral desensitization, oral seekers, and tactile sensory seekers. The regular B-Buddy is totally smooth. Comes in 2 therapeutic resistances: Regular (red or teal ) or Medium Tough (blue or purple) strengths. B-Buddys are latex-free, phthalates-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and BPA-free. Designed for ages three years and up.

Give your child a better choice for chewing- save their fingernails, toys, pencils and clothing from being chewed. Increase focus, attention, and allow your child to self-regulate with their B-buddy.


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