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Coming Soon- Zilla the strong, fun to chew, soft tube

chubuddy is very proud and excited about the coming release of our brand new family of easy to chew, but very strong ...

Atypical Review: Autism on Netflix

Actually pretty typical by tv standards, “Atypical” is a bittersweet Netflix family drama that centers on Sam, an 18-...

Help! My Kids Chews Through All His Shirts

It’s a common site at autism care facilities, in special needs classrooms, and at an autistic child’s home. The t-shi...

Meeting Julia

Introducing a new character to a kid’s show is hard. And when that character is also intended to create awareness aro...

Autism Awareness Month Activities

Minnesota in April is a beautiful, ever-changing month. It can be 70 degrees on Saturday and 30 degrees (with snow!) ...
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